10 Indian modular kitchen ideas





In this article we have discovered some clever and interesting Indian modular kitchen ideas. These all are perfect for small as well big kitchen.



Dominating window


White dominated large window locate in central central side is the perfect Indian modular kitchen idea. It looks awesome and you can enjoy the sunlight in winters and outside area.




A simple kitchen with neat and clean designs and light under the cabinet looks gorgeous. It looks perfect at night.


Glammed up


Shiny marble breakfast table and pendants light charm your environment. This is the awesome idea for big kitchen.



Stylish kitchen


Modern and stylish kitchen always look glamorous. Nowadays, Grey and red color is the stylish idea and also give stylish look.



Use proper sink


Use appropriate sink in the kitchen according to your kitchen. Always place sink in the corner of the kitchen.



L shaped kitchen


L shaped kitchen is the hottest trend of 2017. L shape kitchen gives a large amount of space and it is best idea for indians.



Beauty in simplicity




Simple always look beautiful. Golden pattern add beauty in your kitchen. Colorful light under ceiling is the best idea.



White kitchen


White always look luxurious and gives a open and big environment. Open shelves with more cabinets gives the bright look.



Wooden wall in kitchen


Wooden wall kitchen looks awesome in small kitchen.



Compact kitchen




Compact kitchen is the best idea of small kitchen homes. Brown surface and white ceiling make feel larger.