Apartment Design Ideas | Here are few tips for interior designing of living room – bedroom –
kitchen of your apartment to make it look more beautiful
Apartment design ideas

For many of us, buying an apartment is our first home purchase. Are you buying it for yourself or investment property is the first question you should give importance to. If it is for investment, always choose the location you want to buy. City centres give high rent for landlords. Apartment layout consideration includes how the private outdoor space associated with an apartment relates to inner spaces.
While buying an apartment, there are many things to keep in mind. Apartments are most common nowadays. Among many other considerations, apartments should give enough space for efficiency.


For better designs of apartment

  1. Allow enough space for standard sized bedrooms and storage in bedrooms.
  2. Provide sufficient space in the launch.
  3. Provide enough storage or garage for the full range of day to day items.
  4. Provide enough and sufficient storage for kitchen. Wardrobes are must for storages.
  5. Use light coloured paints for kitchen and bedrooms as it brightens up all the spaces.

Everyone wants more space. To make your apartment more attractive and spacious, let us now look at few decorating ideas.


Living Room

The most important gathering place in every home is the living room, which has to be made extra comfortable and pleasant.

  1. Try to create a living space that feels young and vibrant.
  2. Avoid making holes in your apartment. Instead, you can use floating shelves to keep collection of decorative items.
  3. Usage of glasses and mirrors is trend these days to reflects light and make it look more spacious
  4. To brighten up the room you can use a light rug preferably in the launch
  5. Hang any paintings in the launch for impression.
  6. Surround your living areas with windows, or even floor-to-ceiling long transparent glass as it absorbs more light.



Kitchen is the heart of home. A lot of apartments have got a small kitchen. To make it feel spacious and comfortable;

  1. Keep extra shelves in the kitchen for storage in case the provided storage space may not be sufficient for your needs.
  2. Don’t have so many doors in your kitchen and use glasses wherever required to make a small kitchen appear larger.
  3. Do not use blinds in the kitchen as it blocks all the light. Allow maximum light to pass through.
  4. If possible, depending on the apartment layout remove some of the items to the dining room.


Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms are entirely difficult to imagine. Let us follow some simple rules to make it amazing.

  1. You can paint the furniture to make your rooms colourful.
  2. Paint your walls with light colours as it reflects light and hence makes it brighter.
  3. Paint the ceiling with a darker colour.
  4. Maximum try to avoid bedside tables as it takes space and bedrooms seems smaller.
  5. Building shelving around your bedding is a great idea as it save space and makes the small room feel bigger.


Create beautiful and comfortable home environment and stay happy…


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