How to decorate your small bedroom






Looking for genius on how to decorate small bedroom? We have prepared some interesting and useful tips for you. Get ready to chamge your small bedroom into large space.



Decorate with mirror






Nowadays mirror is the hottest trend of 2017. Place a mirror opposite a window and door in the bedroom.








Hang small mirror in a collage or group and you can place a mirror behind the night lamp.



Keep Things open






In a small bedroom, you should keep the things open. Always choose flat storage bed without footboard. Discover small space with more and more cabinets between the open space. It feels room larger and open.



Multi functional bed storage






Multi functional bed storage with more cabinets is the perfect option for small space bedroom. You can put small as well as large home accessories in bedroom.



Bright light






Bright and perfect lighting give a large atmosphere in small space bedroom because bright lighting give the greatest effect on furniture and interior design



Create vertical space






Hang some small baskets and buckets in a vertical space. It will give more and more space. You can put small things in bucket and buckets.



Mount lighting






Ceiling lamp such as recessed, chandeliers or pendant light take less space and give large effect. Put study lamp onto study table, floor lamp besides the bed, it brighten and lighten up the corners.



Folding furniture






Folding and nesting table is the perfect option for small space. When you are not use your table or chair, you can fold it easily.



Create tall space






Window or door curtains should be touch to the roof ceiling. Always think high in small space.



Let light in






Keep the windows open to enter the natural light inside. It give the feel of open and large.