Well, there is lot of difference between interior decorator and designer. Many people think the terms “interior designer” and “interior decorator” are compatible names for correctly the same profession. The comparison between these two terms is major. We have discuss about difference between interior decorator or interior designer in this article.



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  • Interior design is the science of achieve the people dream and understanding people’s to create specific space. On the other hand interior decorator is person who decorates a space and furnish the things with the latest things.






  • An interior decorator do not create design of the building and the layout of the living space. But interior designer is usually create a building project with the help of architect.







  • Interior decorator deals in only few categories such as paint colors, fabric selection furnishing and lighting. On the other side interior designers have many different responsibilities.



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  • Designers only deals with commercial work, such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants, homes and other living spaces.






  • Interior designers have the knowledge of building codes and safety laws about the space. But interior decorators have a general knowledge of all designs.



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