If you are decorating your small bathroom then you will love our bathroom design ideas. Create a modern bathroom with big effort with our awesome and easy ideas.


Add storage


Small bathroom


Create the space between the bathroom wall and you can discover glass-front cabinets which help the bathroom feel open.



Free up floor space




Free up floor space by hanging buckets and baskets on the wall.



Choose small furniture fixture




Select small furniture fixtures of your bathroom. For example vanity base, sinks, vanity mirrors, bathtubs, etc. They look gorgeous and take up half the space.



Use space above the doorway for storage




You should use the space above the doorway for storage. Usually, the space the doorway is empty. You can discover shelf above the doorway.



Venture Outside




If your bathroom is too small then you can use space outside the bathroom door. Create the storage to store towels and other bathroom accessories.





Do not use dark colors in your small bathroom. Always select bright colors in your bathroom. White bathtub, sink, toilet, etc. It feels larger.



Add mirror




Mirror is the perfect idea to feel large in bathroom. You should add more and more mirrors in your bathroom.



Select large floor tiles



Large floor tiles is perfect way to feel large in your small bathroom. Always select white large floor tiles.


Bright lights




Bright light highlight your corner space. Always use LED lights to more light and save money.



Use a minimum amount of accessories on the floor


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Be make sure that your floor space is clear. More floor space is not good for small bathroom.