Top 10 Elegant Rooms Designs in India

In this article, you will learn top 10 elegant rooms designs in India. We all dream about decorating and redecorating our rooms in various ways even though we don’t own a space on our own sometimes. Rooms are meant to be arranged. The style and taste of people prefer will differ from one another. But most of the times we get terribly lost when it comes to practical aspect. And the one way we solve all our confusions are either through appointing a person for designing or by browsing all the available ideas by ourselves. Taking experts help is one of the most used and utilized ways for decorating your room. Fine interior designer is one of the leading companies providing classical service over a period of time in interior designing and one of the priority choices of customers. Fine interior designers will help you make your dream come true.

Here are some of the designs and tips we provide for room decoration:

  1. If you have a newfound love for the wooden works it is always the best to use mahogany furniture in your rooms including the tables and sofa. Use light shaded wall paints and matching see-through drapes to your windows. Remember to have a corner shelf for books in case you have no plans for separate study. You can even have a Pooja room the same way using the wooden doors. This will make your room look decent.
  2. If you are a person who loves antiques do not hesitate to have antique furniture. Also use Antique clock, a vase on the table and a pot beside your shelves. Use wooden sofas for a match with the decorative things. Also, use a traditional wall painting or portrait with the same dull colored frame preferably in metal. Use dark colored carpets so that it will complete your room.
  3. Love modern styles? Then go for some trendy furniture. Imported ones would do more good. Use the L-Shaped or Corner sofa preferably with black rexin. Use a glass tea table in the front and put a couple of bean bags to use for the television purpose. Use white curtains to let the light pass through and also use double shaded walls.
  4. Are you way too traditional? Then definitely go for teak wood. Teak though it’s a bit expensive it completely gives you satisfaction and lasts very long. Use table, chairs, and sofas made of teak. And possibly use brass metal decorations like pots or base. Choose a red shaded drapes and carpet if you would like it and paint light colored walls.
  5. Who doesn’t like a royal touch in your rooms? Use white colored furniture adopting English style. Use wooden white table and sofa. Use white colored walls and ceilings and also some floral designed carpets. To match the style gets some white sets of potteries and sets.
  6. Having a passion for eastern styles? Do not hesitate to get furniture of this kind. Paint your walls in pale yellow shades and use some teak wood furniture. Get red curtains and brass pots and vases. When you visit some Buddhist temples you will definitely see gift shops selling beautiful wind chimes, vases and hanging for your walls and house with Chinese inscriptions which will easily find a place in your heart if you are passionate about arranging your rooms.
  7. Indoor plants are the current trend. Use indoor money plants, orchids, bonsais and budded bamboo plants. There are also other variety flowering plants available. Use this to decorate your room with white furniture to make your room look bright. Use light shaded wallpapers and paints. You can also use portraits of landscape or sceneries.
  8. Important to choose the right combination of painting colors which will give you maximum light and shine.
  9. Take the opinion of all family members to see their preferences too, this will ensure the overall satisfaction of your designing efforts.
  10. Usage of cartoon characters in Kids room with varieties of blue, pink and orange colors have been the trend too.

Fine interior designer mainly aims at your satisfaction and bring on Elegance in the work and your room. Fine interior designer also provides other designs and ideas as per the requests and suggestions from your side. 

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